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Buenos Aires Office Report, Q3 20182018-11-09T06:00:00Zpdf4884452Free to Air Aires Office Report, Q3 2018After a devaluation of more than 40% within three months, the goverment asked the International Monetary Fund for an advance on the stand-by line of credit while at the same time bringing forward the zero-deficit target to 2019.

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JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q4 2018/latin-america/en-us/research/287/jll-chile-office-market-report-santiago-q1-2018JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q4 2018In the last quarter of 2018, the Santiago office market totaled 3,375,745 sq. m. of Class A and AB buildings. Year-on-year stock growth was 2.7%, below the 3.% 5average from past five years of 3.5%.
JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q1 2018/latin-america/en-us/research/283/jll-chile-office-market-report-santiago-q1-2018JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q1 2018The new office supply led to the general vacancy up to 6.4%. This figure slightly increased compared to the last quarter of 2017, which closed in 6.0%.
JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q4 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/279/jll-chile-office-market-report-santiago-q2-2017JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q4 2017The significant decrease in the total vacancy, is mainly explain, by the lower annual production and strongly accentuated by the absorption close to 146,000 square meters accumulated at the end of 2017.