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JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q1 20182018-04-30T05:00:00Zpdf3016887Free to Air Chile - Office Market Report Q1_2018.pdf/latin-america/en-us/research/283/jll-chile-office-market-report-santiago-q1-2018JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q1 2018The new office supply led to the general vacancy up to 6.4%. This figure slightly increased compared to the last quarter of 2017, which closed in 6.0%.

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Lima Industrial Report, 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/267/jll-lima-industrial-report-2017Lima Industrial Report, 2017Peru’s strong economic performance over the past two decades has created interesting business opportunities. We see significant demand for new and high-quality logistical and industrial facilities that enhance firm productivity.
Bogota Industrial Report, Year-End 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/268/jll-bogota-industrial-report-q4-2017Bogota Industrial Report, Year-End 2017During the last decade, the industrial and logistical market has grown exponentially, making Bogotá the fifth-largest market in Latin America.
JLL Chile - Industrial Market Report Santiago - Q/latin-america/en-us/research/281/jll-chile-industrial-market-report-santiago-h1-2017JLL Chile - Industrial Market Report Santiago - QDuring the first half of this year, the Chilean financial system has not suffered any major alterations. However, the increase of long term interest rates to levels higher than expected in developed economies.