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JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q4 20182019-02-05T06:00:00Zpdf3412212Free to Air Chile - Office Market Report Q4_2018.pdf/latin-america/en-us/research/287/jll-chile-office-market-report-santiago-q1-2018JLL Chile - Office Market Report Santiago - Q4 2018In the last quarter of 2018, the Santiago office market totaled 3,375,745 sq. m. of Class A and AB buildings. Year-on-year stock growth was 2.7%, below the 3.% 5average from past five years of 3.5%.

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JLL Chile - Industrial Market Report H2 2018/latin-america/en-us/research/288/jll-chile-industrial-market-report-santiago-h2-2018JLL Chile - Industrial Market Report H2 2018In the second half of the year, 70,990 sq.m of class B new deliveries were completed in Western and Southern submarkets, which represent a 2.1% of total stock growth over the first half of the year.
Lima Industrial Report, 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/267/jll-lima-industrial-report-2017Lima Industrial Report, 2017Peru’s strong economic performance over the past two decades has created interesting business opportunities. We see significant demand for new and high-quality logistical and industrial facilities that enhance firm productivity.
Bogota Industrial Report, Year-End 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/268/jll-bogota-industrial-report-q4-2017Bogota Industrial Report, Year-End 2017During the last decade, the industrial and logistical market has grown exponentially, making Bogotá the fifth-largest market in Latin America.