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World-class technical solutions that keep your buildings running smoothly.

​In today’s fast-paced business environment, downtime and inefficiency are not an option. You need your buildings to operate at peak performance—all day, every day.

Our suite of world-class engineering and operations services is designed to optimize your building’s (or portfolio’s) performance. Our engineers work with you to understand your business objectives, customize a tech-enabled solution to meet your specific needs, deliver services with operational excellence and analyze performance to drive continual improvement.

With JLL, you have the industry’s leading engineering and operations solutions at your fingertips—from our end-to-end facilities management technology platform, Corrigo, to our best-in-class commercial building maintenance program (and beyond).

We keep your buildings running safely, smoothly, and smartly—empowering you to focus on your core business. The end result? A work environment where your people and your organization thrive. See our services in action in our 360 degree interactive environment.

A complete hard services platform

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to staffing your engineering team.

The good news? Our engineering services are scalable. Whether you need an engineer every once-in-awhile or every day, we can meet your unique needs.

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Stationary engineers

Dedicated, on-site resources—ideal for larger sites or campuses that have significant engineering and operations needs.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE)

We’ve worked hard to build a culture of safety, and it shows (from our industry leading ratings to our people leading the way with safety in all that they do).

We’ve also invested heavily in safety-focused training, tools and technologies, like our Accident and Incident Management System (AIMS) that helps us record and track HSSE incidents, follow-up on corrective actions, and benchmark HSSE performance.


As part of our Engineering Services Compliance Program (ESCP), each building that we manage (greater than 50,000 s.f.) is audited annually for compliance across 365 different areas in 9 categories.

This comprehensive program helps our teams stay up-to-date on changes in laws, regulations and codes, ensures that any compliance issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently, and gives our clients the peace of mind that they need to focus on their core business.

Engineering and operations services

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End-to-end technology

Automate (and streamline) your facility management processes from end-to-end, with Corrigo’s industry-leading technology platform.

Learn more about Corrigo

Maintenance program

You need a commercial building maintenance program that’s in-sync with your business. Our Next Generation Maintenance (NGM) program is the answer.

Learn more about NGM

Monitoring-based commissioning

Monitor (and optimize) your building’s performance in real-time, with IntelliCommand’s commissioning platform.

Learn more about IntelliCommand

Smart buildings

You need a smart building strategy that makes sense for your facilities.

From comprehensive strategy and planning to implementation to ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we bring our unique expertise in both smart buildings and corporate real estate.

Learn more about smart building solutions

Demand energy management

Maximize your energy savings. Learn how you can uncover, qualify and quantify energy savings opportunities, by identifying rebates, calculating estimated payback, and reporting on the probability of success. With our mix of energy market intelligence and real estate expertise, we partner with you to achieve your building energy management goals through a thorough, multi-pronged approach.

Supply energy management

Achieve your sustainability objectives (and drive cost savings) with our supply-side energy services. We help you to determine the feasibility of clean energy technology (at a site-by-site level), advise on third-party and ownership deal structures, negotiate applicable agreements, and support your on-site needs.


Take data-driven capital planning to the next level with ProSite Assessments. With ProSite’s comprehensive suite of building assessment services, our trained assessors will gather (and analyze) all of the building data that you need to make smarter capital planning decisions.

Learn more about ProSite Assessments

Occupancy planning

A clear understanding of your utilization is important. Reclaim your underused space—and unlock cost savings—with a strategic approach to occupancy planning.

Learn more about occupancy planning

Moves, adds and changes (MAC)

Relocating your business is a major undertaking. We'll help you plan, execute and improve your MAC strategy—all while minimizing disruptions to your day-to-day business.

Learn more about MAC

Supply chain management & procurement

Harness the deep real estate category and procurement expertise of our team of more than 500 SCMP professionals. Our platform enables you to leverage JLL’s global purchasing power of $30 billion, to ultimately achieve greater value and deliver glide-path savings.

Specialized hard services for focused industries.

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Critical environments

Critical environments—like data centers—have special requirements when it comes to engineering and operations. That’s where our critical environments platform comes into play. With a robust platform comprised of trained data center engineers and proven processes and procedures, we maximize uptime and mitigate risk.

Learn more about critical environments

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