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Create and enable better experiences.

In order to manage places where people and organizations thrive, we create and enable positive experiences for employees and visitors as a core part of our service delivery.

Thinking about the engagement, empowerment and fulfillment of people, we take a holistic approach to improve the employee experience within the places we manage. We work with you to provide a comprehensive strategy that includes smart building technology, safety plans, health and wellness initiatives, sustainability services and more. See our services in action in our 360 degree interactive environment.

We consider every element of your employee experience.

It’s important to look at your comprehensive strategy to enable positive experiences in your facilities. We work with you to design a strategy that takes multiple programs into account and ensures you meet your goals.

Our holistic approach doesn’t stop with the strategy. We help automate, integrate and measure experience on an ongoing basis.

  • Working with you, we determine the best technology for your facility's needs and see how it will integrate with your systems now and in the future.

  • We implement our comprehensive hospitality training program that provides our people with the skills and tools they need to anticipate your needs.

  • Go beyond traditional Service Level Agreements to measure progress and work with us to set up Experience Level Agreements to measure your satisfaction with the services we deliver.

Smart building solutions

Connected buildings are the expectation today, but you need a plan for your facilities that makes sense. From comprehensive strategy and planning to implementation to ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we bring our unique expertise in both smart buildings and corporate real estate to improve your employee experience.

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Green + productive workplace

Our proprietary online tool guides you through a comprehensive assessment of your workplace. The assessment generates a personalized report that gives you a clear guide of action items to increase the sustainability, wellness and productivity of your facility or portfolio.

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High touch services

Services like concierge, reception and fitness programs have a direct impact on the employee experience your brand delivers. We have expertise to provide these services, share best practices and more—aligning seamlessly with your overarching corporate real estate and business goals.

Sustainability services

Ensuring our facilities are sustainable enables a positive experience for everyone who visits. And for those who work at those facilities, it’s been proven that clean air and green spaces positively impact productivity and the human experience.

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Sourcing services

The right partners make all the difference. We work with our partners to ensure they understand the overarching experience strategy and deliver services and amenities that align with that strategy.

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