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Hotel Destinations - South America 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/264/latam-hotel-destinations-sa-2017-jllHotel Destinations - South America 2017​As predicted, the economic downturn that commenced in 2014 and was expected to persist into 2016 most certainly has done so. In fact, while improving, 2017 is expected to end on a lackluster note.
Hotel Destinations - Mexico 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/246/latam-hotel-destinations-2017-jllHotel Destinations - Mexico 2017​Mexico represents the second largest economy in Latin America, benefitting from a strategic location adjacent to the United States, its largest trading partner.
Latin America Hotel Investor Sentiment Survey - 2017/latin-america/en-us/research/244/latin-america-hotel-investor-sentiment-survey-2017-jllLatin America Hotel Investor Sentiment Survey - 2017​While a number of unfavorable economic and political events tested Latin America's ability to weather the storm, relatively decisive implementation of largely orthodox macroeconomic policies appears to have bolstered confidence in the region's resilience
South America Hotel Destinations - 2016/latin-america/en-us/research/239/latam-south-america-hotel-destination-2016-jllSouth America Hotel Destinations - 2016JLL’s South America 2016 Destinations Report – This year’s report points to the general consensus that 2016 was a turbulent year for many South American markets.
Hotel Destinations South America - 2015/latin-america/en-us/research/208/latam-hotel-destinations-2015-jllHotel Destinations South America - 2015JLL’s Hotel Destinations South America publication is an annual overview providing a snapshot of key hotel markets across South America.